Digicel Foundation Annual Report 2017

“I get equal fun out of business and doing things that I hope help people…we invest very heavily in poor countries and get a very good return on investment. You could easily be a kind of modern day conquistador or a modern day multinational and not do anything — and there are a lot of big multinationals doing nothing. However, I think you can do something impactful not in a scattergun approach, but focus in concise areas where you bring your commercial project management skills to bear to do good projects. That obviously helps your business too.We work too with great organizations like (Irish international aid charity) Concern.”

Each of our Foundations operates in a very different socio-economic environment , and each is at a different stage in their own organisational development. They are closely bound however by their emphasis on education, responsiveness to the communities for and with whom they work and their reliance on the commitment and enthusiasm of Digicel volunteers.

Our Foundations, though independently administered, are embedded in the Digicel operations. The Boards, which make the decisions on resource allocation and project selection, are composed of staff members from all sections of the company. A huge number of staff directly assist the communities in which we work by giving their free time to volunteer.

The Foundation, therefore, brings our corporate concern for communities to the very heart of our day-to-day business and provides local answers to local issues.Communication is after all about linking people together and the strength and power that springs from these connections. Together we achieve infinitely more than we can ever do individually. Our work would not be possible without the excellent, close partnerships we have formed with organisations we support and we are grateful for their commitment.

Unfortunately, every one of our Foundation countries is vulnerable to natural disaster,sand responses to hurricanes, flooding and so on have been part and parcel of our work from the outset. The impact of the earthquake in Haiti of 12 January 2010 could never have been anticipated and I want to thank the staff of all three Foundations for their efforts on behalf of the Haitian people since that period.

Denis O’Brien Founder & Patron Digicel Foundation

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